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Vianello Giuseppe has been established in 2002 following the individual firm set up by the same owner Giuseppe Vianello in 1971. The Company operates in the field of coach rental covering services from tourist coach transport to school-bus and transport of disables.

The main field of activity is the tourist coach transport with over twenty years of experience. Known for its efficiency and seriousness, The carefully selected staff is the guarantee of precious cooperation dedicated to the full satisfaction of the customer for the service rendered.

With the permanent search of new types of services and market needs has enabled our staff to be always aligned with the trends of the market and time and to adapt the growth of the Company to those trends. Through all these years such accurate work has made possible to a small family firm to become an important subject in the passengers transport field enabling our Company to reach excellent objectives.

All our vehicles used for our services are accurately followed by our professional staff, while all contacts with the clients are carefully followed by our Operations Department, which provides all necessary measures for a successful and qualified final service.

All our objectives are in continuous expansion and are reached with satisfactory precision.

Based in "Roncade", situated in the middle of a geographic triangle between Venice port & airport (15 min drive); Lido di Jesolo beach resort (20 min drive) and Treviso airport (10min drive); gives You the best service in the area 24 hours a day. With its sister companies all over Italy (Rome; Milan; Triest; Verona; Bologna; Florence; Naples; Genoa and Turin); and its long tradition (over 20 years) transferring and touring Italy and Europe, is the ideal partner for Your holiday arrivals, departures, transfers, excursions and tours.

UNI-ISO 9001-2000

In order to guarantee the quality of its services and to achieve the satisfaction of its clients the Company Vianello Giuseppe Ltd. has obtained on 2003-05-21 the UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 certification. Aware of the importance of such STATUS OF EXCELLENCY our Company is committed to:

  • grant to its clients the greatest possible satisfaction of their requirements and permanently extending and improving the services rendered;
  • to maintain the conformity to the national and international regulations regarding criteria of quality and other requirements in the field of road transport of persons;
  • preserve always the safety of the transported passengers and goods;
  • have a permanent improvement in education of the staff in order to increase their capability;
  • promote the culture of quality also among its customers.

To reach such objectives the adoption of the following instruments is needed:

  • permanent updating with new laws, regulations technologies and rules;
  • permanent updating of coaches and equipment;
  • aggiornamento costante degli autobus ed attrezzature;
  • active participation of the whole staff in the improvement of quality for all services offered by the Company.

The Management has the primary responsibility for all the objectives stated above and for possible corrective actions needed for the achievement of the stated goals. The Management shell also state every year the goals to be reached and shell periodically prepare statements on the realisation of the same.

The Management shall provide at least once a year for the verification of the expressed policy stated here and shall verify the content of the present commitments.

The Quality Manager has the responsibility to verify the accomplishment of quality level standards as stated in the Quality Manual is also responsible for the definition of the Quality System and of a periodical control of its application.

The Quality Manager shall report to the Management in any case when the adequate solution for the actual problem could not be found in the Quality Manual, in order that the Management could intervene in order that the correct application of the Company activities is performed.

In order to reach the proposed improvements the Management shall periodically verify that appropriate actions are taken in order to achieve the proposed objectives.

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